FREE In Home Consultation

One of the services we feel is especially unique for Caring People Services is our free in-home assessment. We feel this is critical to providing good care for several reasons. First, it offers the client an opportunity to meet us in person and know who will be supervising their services. It goes a long way in establishing trust and confidence when you meet face to face. For our part, actually seeing how the care setting is arranged, getting a feel of the routines and dynamics of the home, and assessing the physical and mental status of the client provide us with the information we need to select the best possible staff member to provide services.

Another aspect of this assessment is our opportunity to share information and resources with these families. Whether they decide to use our services or not the bottom line is that there is someone in that home who needs assistance. Our goal is to provide these families with any information we have that might facilitate comfort, safety, and conserve the energy of both the client and the family. Carolyn has been a nurse for over 35 years and has experience in Long Term Care facilities, Home Health, and Physical Rehabilitation. In addition to this expertise we visit hundreds of homes every year and observe the creative ways other families have solved problems in all areas of care. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to pass this knowledge on to families who are facing these situations for the first time.

We are also very involved in the healthcare and senior services community throughout the region. These contacts allow us to be aware of resources for funding for services, sources for equipment and supplies, and social programs that might ease the family’s burden and add quality to the life of their loved one.

Training, knowledge, skill, and personal experience—all of these are available for the families we visit. Call us today and let us share this with you.

If you or a loved one would like a free evaluation and consultation about care for your elderly loved one, contact Caring People Services today.

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