What We Do at Caring People Services

Here are some examples of what we do for our clients and how we might be able to assist your family:

Elizabeth lives alone, is fiercely independent and wants to stay in her own home. She has become increasingly physically feeble and occasionally forgetful. Her family all work and have young children so their availability is limited. Our staff come every morning to prepare breakfast, remind and assist Elizabeth to take her medications, and assist her to bathe and dress for the day. They then complete daily housekeeping tasks and prepare lunch before they leave. In the evening the staff return to prepare supper, assist Elizabeth to prepare for bed, and tidy up for the day. Elizabeth can also count on her Caring People Services staff to take her to doctors appointments, the beauty shop, and shopping as her needs arise.

Alice has no family in this area. She has recently begun to fall frequently and sometimes forgets to take her medication or eat her meals. She has also begun to be disoriented at night. She has lived in the same home for 50 years and only recently lost her husband of 57 years. Alice and her family have now hired Caring People Services to be with her 24hrs a day. Staff assist her with all personal care, make sure her home is clean and safe, her meals are prepared, and laundry is done. At night the staff are available to supervise for safety and any other needs.

Joe is suffering from terminal cancer and is bedbound. Hospice services are involved to manage Joe’s medical needs and assist his wife Betty with a variety of decisions she must make. Caring People Services staff come in 24 hrs a day to care for Joe’s personal care needs and to assist Betty with household chores. The staff bathe Joe every morning and keep him clean and dry. They feed him his meals, read to him as he requests, and reposition him frequently to keep him comfortable. Betty can feel free to run errands, visit with family and friends that drop by, or just take a nap.

Mary’s Alzheimer’s began approximately 8 yrs ago and she has become increasingly dependent on her husband for her care. As he began to take more and more time to get her bathed, dressed, and fed every day the house began to deteriorate until the clutter was totally out of control. Caring People Services now assists several hours daily. First the caregivers function as a Personal Helper to help John with his wife’s “hands-on” care and to get her ready for the day. By early afternoon the care drops down to the Homemaker Companion level and becomes focused on assisting John to begin to catch up on organizing the house. As they are assisting John with vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, doing the laundry and other household tasks they are also assisting him to supervise Mary to keep her safe and comfortable. While Mary is napping, John works on bill paying or just takes a nap while the staff continue to work on other household needs and preparing an evening meal. Our staff also care for Mary while John leaves the home to run errand, go to appointments, or even have a bit of time with his friends.

Mary Jo has no living family at all except an aged cousin who lives out of state. She lives alone but has been doing very well living independently in her little apartment. Mary Jo had a stroke several years ago and so does have trouble doing her homemaking the way she always did in the past. She still loves to have friends over and it embarrasses her to have her beautiful home not be as shining and clean as she always kept it. Caring People Services comes every week to clean her home and assist with household tasks. Mary Jo also does not drive any longer so the staff take her to appointments, assist her to shop for groceries and clothes, and even take her to her monthly luncheon with her friends that has been her routine for the past 20 years.

William recently lost his wife who had been his primary caregiver. His children all live away and when they were in town for the funeral they discovered that William’s wife had been covering up for how confused he was becoming. They were shocked to observe that he often forgot to take his medication, did not know how to prepare his own meals, wore the same clothing for days on end, and did not remember that he had not taken a bath. Caring People Services were asked to stay with William 24hrs a day in his own home to give him a little time to adjust to the loss of his wife and to give the family time to make some difficult decisions about William’s future care. Caring People Services staff now assist him with all of his personal care, make sure his home is clean and safe, prepare his meals, do his shopping, change his bed linens and do his laundry. They also take him to appointments and church. Sometimes William simply wants to go and sit by the river as he and his wife used to do every week.

Betty has moved in with her daughter Sara and Sara’s family that includes her husband and young children. Betty has recently begun to fall frequently and to wander around the house at night. Sara does not work outside the home so she cares for her small children and Betty during the day, but the constant interruptions to her sleep as Betty wanders and falls was really taking a toll on her own rest and health. Caring People Services now provides a sitter to come just before bedtime and to take the responsibility for Betty and her safety during the night so that Sara and her family can sleep undisturbed.

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